Antonia Aragon

Exciting 'exciting' novels.

The Book Binder

It's no surprise that Aria is upset when the pharaoh's eldest son claims her as his mistress. At least the prince is attractive, cunning, and destined for power . . . maybe it's not so bad. Aria is set on a path to discover intricate plots, guarded secrets, and deep desires. Will she receive the spoils of the gods, or will tragedy befall her?

The Canary's Cage

Salome is sexy, and in this world of men, that means power. Wielding her allure like a dagger, she is a master of information and espionage. Salome is growing tired of dealing with the repressed and obsessed, so she starts to craft an exit plan. Too bad destiny isn't a man, or she'd have a much easier time manipulating it.

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